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Sound Designer


For this design, the director and I focused on the bond of a team. A team that is tightly bound is similar to a family or a tribe. Each person shares in each other struggles and works together to overcome them. For this design we took inspiration from a Haka, which is a Maori ceremonial dance performed for special occasions but is often seen in modern day being preformed at the beginning or end of Rugby or soccer matches.


Sarah DeLappe

Creative Team

Director: Kate Frank

Scenic Design: Beth Shambo

Lighting Design: Zack McJunkins

Props: Karl Hermanson

Costume Design: Helen Siebrits


University of Arkansas Blackbox Theatre

Here is the video of the particular Haka we got inspiration from. This Haka was performed in Ireland by the New Zealand team at the  Women's Rugby World Cup in 2017.

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